2018: The Final Push

…into a bright New future Unknown

The Way is the Force and the Force is the Way…

2018 begins the final push of past intentions set in motion as we simultaneously begin to set new intentions for the future. It’s been a hard labor. We’ve all felt it. It may be hard to imagine now, but something grand WILL come out on the other side. Think: a bright New future Unknown.

Many of us make plans for the future. We have expectations of the results – for better or for worse; consciously and unconsciously. We make assumptions about the future – many times to learn something different. Many of us probably can’t recall a time when we’ve arrived exactly where we thought we would. The truth is, we can plan all we want, but the flow of life is impermanent and ever changing – as are we. All we can do is set intentions with the right motive, be flexible with the outcomes, let go and trust that what shows up is a gift.

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