• 3 Ways to Push Without Resistance and Receive the Divine

    For almost 7 years I have been trekking through the land of academics to stake my sword in a new career in counseling. What a privilege it has been… and I have loved every minute of it. With only 5-months to go before the journey’s end I have had my

  • 2018: The Final Push

    …into a bright New future Unknown The Way is the Force and the Force is the Way… 2018 begins the final push of past intentions set in motion as we simultaneously begin to set new intentions for the future. It’s been a hard labor. We’ve all felt it. It may be hard to

  • 3 Ways to Lean In

    3 Ways to Lean In Love isn’t all that we hear in the fairy tales, and it seems an injustice that our culture is largely led to believe this.  The ugly truth is that Love encompasses many parts: the “good,” the “bad,” the “beautiful,” and the “ugly,” which make up the

  • 3 Ways to Integrate Wholeness

    3 Ways to Integrate Wholeness As human beings we have many parts to us.  The “good,” the “bad,” the “beautiful,” and the “ugly.”  None of these parts are good, bad, beautiful, or ugly.  They just are.  Our relationship with, and to them is what paints our inner and outer landscape

  • 3 Ways to Create Connection

    3 Ways to Create Connection We have been witnessing and experiencing a lot of separation happening in the world as of late: Brexit, mass murders and attacks on targeted groups and populations, and our very own divided nation.  States want to succeed.  Political structures are polarized. Separation and the act

  • 3 Ways to Consolidate and Integrate

    Old ways of thinking and being have been slowed down and disrupted over the last several years. This forced many to slow down and experience what was really happening. Along with this came the awkward transition into new ways of seeing, being and becoming. I often felt like a baby

  • 3 Ways to Take a Break

    Often times people are forced to take an unexpected or unwanted break when they are in a big transition, or coming up on a big transition. Even when one desires to take a break, the concept of self care in American culture is not necessarily instilled. In our fast-paced, goal-driven,

  • 3 Ways to Take Action

    “We do without doing and everything gets done.” ~ Ralph H. Blum Taking action can become challenging when it is made complicated by the mind. When thoughts circle endlessly around “right” and “wrong,” “should” and “shouldn’t” and black and white concepts, direction and clarity can become mired in confusion and

  • 3 Ways to Manifest Joy In Life

    Allowing oneself 15 minutes to contemplate and go through three simple steps each morning before getting out of bed can do wonders for the busy life one leads. I have been running through this intentional ritual for over five years now and I see and feel the difference it has

  • 3 Ways to Honor Yourself

    Often times it may be easy to lose sight of where we have come from and what it took to get to there. In my own experience, I am generally on the go with many irons in the fire. This can be coupled with thoughts along the way about performance,