I left feeling truly inspired and energized about my path.
~ Life Coach

The process is a tool I can now access for continual personal development.
~ Events and Programs Manager

I have found more confidence in pursuing the skills and resources that I need to create my future.
~ Artist


Unlocking Your Truest Desires and Living Your Best Self

Whether you’re at a personal or professional crossroads, Leah’s workshops and events leverage pivotal, life-changing methods and philosophies to help you achieve alignment with your truest desires, removing self-imposed obstacles and reaching for your goals.

The Major Keys Workshop Series: Rock Your Life!

The Major Keys Workshop Series encompasses 13 themes and concepts designed to help you achieve alignment with their truest desires and best self. In my journeys as both a certified and accredited life coach and heavy metal musician, I have felt the impact that these “major keys” have played in my life. Through these workshops, I reach out to attune others and help them become the rock stars of their own personal stages.

Each 1.5-hour session will take you on a focused journey through one of the 13 keys, helping you:

  1. Learn what your core values are
  2. Connect to your life purpose
  3. Recognize your gifts and talents
  4. Cultivate self-awareness
  5. Develop your intuition and synchronicity
  6. Work with your duality, harmonizing the good and bad
  7. Gain clarity and start living with intention
  8. Let go and be in the moment
  9. Embrace authenticity
  10. Learn the power of vulnerability
  11. Become better and giving and receiving
  12. Cultivate a liberating sense of gratitude
  13. Find your faith

Self-Empowerment 101: Rock Your Self, Rock Your Life!

Covers three of the 13 keys in a six-hour workshop.

Scholarships are available. For more information on upcoming workshops and events, please contact Leah.