3 Ways to Push Without Resistance and Receive the Divine

For almost 7 years I have been trekking through the land of academics to stake my sword in a new career in counseling. What a privilege it has been… and I have loved every minute of it. With only 5-months to go before the journey’s end I have had my sights set on the typical next steps of my career. Until a month ago, the possibility that things could look very different was not on my radar. Now, the possibility of a new adventure lay on the horizon. Thankfully, I have had the tools and awareness to push through the prospect of change and the unexpected, to see a bright force in the Unknown.

1. Be One with the Force & Let Go of Control

Control is a form of fear and resistance to what is. It puts a barrier between us and magic. When something uncomfortable or foreign presents itself there can be a tendency to try and control it from happening. Trying to control cuts one off from connection to self, others and the Way or Force. Instead, we can lean into the unknown in favor of receiving the wellspring of guidance from letting go.

2. Shift Perspective & Let Go of Assumptions

Often when we are taken over by assumptions or one perspective, life’s fullest potential gets lost in the void. Getting stuck on one idea can have us marching down a road full of obstacles, let downs and unfulfilled potential. Perspective shifts and letting go of assumptions can be great gifts of freedom that allow room for the real magic to happen. Expect miracles here.

3. Expect the Unexpected & Proceed with Humor

Life is impermanent. Nothing stays the same. If it did, we would stagnate and die just as water that does not move. Can unexpected change be “good” and “bad” at the same time? Sure… and nothing ever happens without good reason. Accept the unexpected with grace, receive the gift and know that it is filled with Love if we open up to it. When in doubt see the humor and jump into the unknown with laughter.

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