Leah is in the top 2% of all professionally trained coaches in the world. She is as insightful as she is intuitive with and for her coaching clients. Hire her when you are seriously ready for growth and transformation.
– Peter J. Reding, MBA, MCC Founder, Coach For Life


Leah is a remarkable coach. Her ability to hear what’s going on with me and to reflect it back in a positive, constructive way is extraordinary. The clarity I have after a session with her is magical.
– David Bayer, CEO, ChamberofCommerce.com and Creator of Powerful Living Experience


Leah has a deep understanding of the human psyche and can navigate the mind fields, leading you to a life that rocks!
– Andy Dooley, Vibration Activation and Law of Attraction Expert


Testimonial Letter from a Client

Leah is someone who sees you as you Truly are. She sees you as the You who has realized their fullest potential. Despite your best efforts to deflect it, she sees you as the deserving, loving and creative Being that you ARE. Period. I can say with a clear conscience and from my Heart that Leah’s work has helped me do what I once believed impossible. I have learned to see myself. Not only that, but I can now see myself in a favorable light. Before you can love yourself, or truly love another, you must first SEE yourself.

I can’t tell you what your experience will be; I can only share with you my own. I can tell you that with Leah’s help I found, at first, a small piece of ground to stand on where before I had none. That small piece of ground eventually became more spacious and I began to simply allow myself to be – as I am: in this moment. With Leah’s unwavering ability to see the good in me little by little, I was beginning to look forward to letting more and more light in. She didn’t hand it to me, and she didn’t coddle me every step of the way and tell me everything that I wanted to hear, but she also didn’t beat me down or drag me through the fire in order to help me up. She helped me to help MYSELF up.

I now know I have all that I need and more in order to shape the life I want, and that no matter how much I change my mind about what I want or how many ups and downs I experience, I have within me the key to it all.

Thank you, Leah. For seeing me. For helping me. You are a true blessing and I am eternally grateful.

~ H.C.