My Live Your Leading Edge approach to coaching employs a combination of self-awareness, self-compassion and connection to authenticity as it uniquely and innately exists within each individual. This combination promotes the integration of wholeness and enables the client to begin living their leading edge and actualizing their fullest potential.

Coaching with Me: The Foundation Session

One of the most powerful ways to jolt your self-awareness, shift your perspective and move forward with confidence and vision is to participate in a Foundation Session with me.

A Foundation Session is a two- to three-hour self-discovery process that offers accelerated insight into yourself, your values and the challenges that are holding you back. During this journey, I offer reflective feedback that helps you process your challenges, get unstuck and start honoring your potential. I am an “anything is possible” kind of person, and many of my clients leave the first session feeling inspired and confident. Horizons that had been closed from view open up as we quickly build rapport and insight.

To schedule your Foundation Session or find out more, please contact me.


Ongoing One-on-One Work

The Foundation Session is a powerful tool by itself, but also lays the groundwork for a one-on-one coaching relationship that helps you align yourself with your truest self and desires. Through coaching with me, you will begin to see your wholeness and begin to leverage your own unique strengths to powerfully move forward with more confidence and clarity.


Events and Workshops

You may want to take the leap and sign up for an event or workshop. Attending an event and/or a workshop is a great way to kick-start your path to truer goals or inspirations — or just breaking through personal or professional doldrums. They provide quick inspiration, connections and insights into what is really going on in your world and awaken your power to be the driving force of your aspirations and well-being.

I facilitate workshops on the fundamental areas of life that most of us work to master and achieve. If you want to experience one of my workshops or events designed to empower your goals and direction in life, please contact me or sign up for my newsletter via the link on this page footer. I’ll keep you up to date on all upcoming opportunities.

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