3 Ways to Take a Break


Often times people are forced to take an unexpected or unwanted break when they are in a big transition, or coming up on a big transition. Even when one desires to take a break, the concept of self care in American culture is not necessarily instilled. In our fast-paced, goal-driven, and often times “no-choice”-but-to keep-going-culture an unwanted or unexpected break can come as quite a blow. A break that is desired can seem impractical and/or impossible. It can even foster shame and/or guilt.

Cliché and simple, these 3 ways to take a break will work if one works them. No matter what one’s situation is, all 3 ways can be scary. If these 3 ways are completely foreign they can be terrifying. However, if one chooses to rise to the challenge, the rewards will likely be beneficial to all. These 3 ways to take a break can be practiced in any area of life.

1. Trust in the process
Not trusting in any process is a form of resistance. Resistance at any level exerts large amounts energy. This energy exertion causes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual depletion. Trusting in the process of taking a break allows space to make room for healthy action when it is ready. It also creates the opportunity to give oneself a break.

2. Exercise Non-judgement
Give oneself a break! Judging oneself or one’s circumstances for the need (or desire) to take a break will only compound the underlying stress of a situation or circumstance. In taking a forced break or unwanted break one’s ego (the judge) might fall apart, but one’s life certainly will not. In fact, in time, one’s life will likely come more together. Likewise this can occur in taking a desired break.

3. Practice Radical Acceptance
Acceptance of any situation and process, as well as acceptance of one’s self will greatly support tips 1 and 2. Accept that there is only so much one can do before harm is created. Accept that one is doing the best one can; if one weren’t, they would be doing better. Accept that whatever is happening is calling for a break.

I recently received a lovely card relevant to my own recent experience in taking a break and taking action. It read:

Advice from a Glacier:

Carve your own path
Go slow
Channel your strengths
Keep moving forward
Avoid meltdowns
Be cool!

~ Your True Nature


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